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Fast Paced Retrieval

2008-10-16 23:35:44 by SteelCold

So I finished another animation. I think its pretty funny. Hope you guys like it c:

Project Gladiator Finished

2008-06-05 01:30:19 by SteelCold

Im so happy its done, holy crap I spent so much time on it. Hope you guys like it :3.

Project: Gladiator

2008-03-27 01:36:48 by SteelCold

Im getting really far with my next animation. Its titled Project: Gladiator, I already have 2 minutes of action to the (notso)soothing sounds of Megadeth :>. I threw in a little story in it to for those of you who like stories in animations :D. Be looking for it, it should come out in a couple of months or so. (Im shooting for it to be 4 and a half minutes long).

Stone Come Back Collab

2008-03-15 16:48:36 by SteelCold

Its finally released :>. It turned out really epic with everyone's parts, hope you guys like it.


2008-02-05 21:34:28 by SteelCold

Hello people of Newgrounds, I recently submitted my latest flash animation. Im glad most of you like it :) I will make sure to post more as I make them